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Official Eden Market Shop

In our Eden Market you can find pretty much everything you will need sooner or later.

  • The stores have a limited amount of items and the price is of course a bit more expensive.
  • The items are replenished about every two hours at different times by a tenth of the total quantity.


Assuming the store regularly has 100 Oridecons for sale and you buy 50 Oridecons, the next time the store is replenished it will be replenished by 10 Oridecons.

  • The red dots on this Eden Market Map are all the Seller-NPCs.
  • The yellow dots are the Tool Dealer, Kafra, Healer and Waper NPCs.
  • The blue dot is the Entrance to the Market Map.

Illusion Weapons

2039.png Illusion Wizardry Staff [2]

2051.png Illusion Survivor's Staff [2]
26109.png Illusion Staff of Bordeaux [2]
21050.png Illusion Tae Goo Lyeon [2]
26007.png Illusion Spectral Spear [1]
13469.png Illusion Immaterial Sword [2]

16063.png Illusion Long Mace [2]

32005.png Illusion Pole Axe [2]
28022.png Illusion Infiltrator [2]
28023.png Illusion Sharpened Legbone of Ghoul [2]
18149.png Illusion Ballista [2]
18174.png Illusion Hunter Bow [2]

Illusion Weapons by Miffy

(paramk 65, 30)

28244.png Illusion Gate Keeper-DD [2]

28254.png Illusion Butcher [2]
32301.png Illusion Gold Lux [2]
13337.png Illusion Huuma Fluttering Snow [2]
13338.png Illusion Wing Shuriken [2]
1326.png Illusion War Axe [2]
1846.png Illusion Combo Battle Gloves [2]

16065.png Illusion Iron Driver [2]

28612.png Illusion Apocalypse [2]
28626.png Illusion Tablet [2]
28725.png Illusion Moonlight Dagger [1]
28745.png Illusion Counter Dagger [2]
28762.png Illusion Bazerald [2]

Illusion Gear

19209.png Illusion Nurse Cap [1]

19210.png Illusion Apple of Archer [1]
19223.png Illusion Cap [1]
19247.png Illusion Fancy Flower [1]

19344.png Illusion Hot-Blooded Headband [1]

15195.png Illusion Puente Robe [1]
20838.png Illusion Muffler [1]
20840.png Illusion Ancient Cape [1]

Illusion Equipment by Coco

(paramk 78, 31)

20847.png Illusion Survivor's Manteau [1]

28922.png Illusion Sacred Mission [1]
22133.png Illusion Shoes [1]
22190.png Illusion Boots [1]

28508.png Illusion Skull Ring [1]

28509.png Illusion Ring [1]


678.png Poison Bottle

12016.png Speed Potion
505.png Blue Potion
12679.png Siege White Potion Box

12676.png Siege Violet Potion Box

12680.png Siege Blue Potion Box
22816.png True Mysterious Life Potion
22817.png True Small Life Potion

Potions by Head Pharmacist
Head Pharmacist.png

(paramk 100, 30)

22818.png True Medium Life Potion

22820.png True Enhanced ASPD Potion
100007.png True Limited Power Booster
100008.png True Infinity Drink

100316.png True Tyr's Blessing

100317.png True Mental Potion
100006.png True Brilliant Protection Scroll

11526.png Rafflecino
11525.png Mora Hip Tea
Cocktail Master
Cocktail Master.png

(paramk 65, 86)

11520.png Mora Mandarin
12574.png Mora Berry


7940.png Special Alloy Trap

1065.png Trap

12106.png Jewelry Box

12107.png Wrapped Mask
616.png Old Card Album
12194.png Hometown Gift

Arrow Quivers and Traps by Lucky Day Napeed
Lucky Day Napeed.png

(paramk 114, 30)

12008.png Fire Arrow Quiver

12009.png Silver Arrow Quiver
12012.png Crystal Arrow Quiver
12010.png Wind Arrow Quiver

12011.png Stone Arrow Quiver

12013.png Shadow Arrow Quiver
12014.png Immaterial Arrow Quiver
7931.png Poison Kit


998.png Iron

1003.png Coal

1002.png Iron Ore

(paramk 49, 103)

999.png Steel
25728.png Shadowdecon Ore

25730.png Zelunium Ore

Refine Mats and more

984.png Oridecon

985.png Elunium

988.png Golden Anvil

989.png Emperium Anvil

Dus the Smith
Dus The Smith.png

(paramk 53, 104)

6635.png Blacksmith's Blessing

990.png Red Blood

991.png Crystal Blue

992.png Wind of Verdure
993.png Green Live

Beauty Shop

19604.png Costume Invisible Mask
19603.png Costume Invisible Glasses

20506.png Costume Invisible Manteau

Costume Stuff by Minho Doh
Mindo Doh.png

(paramk 90, 31)

19602.png Costume Invisible Cap

25736.png Jeremy's Beauty Coupon II

6707.png Jeremy Beauty Coupon

Einbroch Stuff

Gitte Einbroch Trader

(paramk 57, 104)

25810.png Rindium
25811.png Odium
25812.png Purdium
25813.png Whidium
25809.png Redium

Armor / Weapon Certificates

6229.png Safe to +8 Weapon Certificate

6233.png Safe to +8 Armor Certificate
6228.png Safe to +9 Weapon Certificate
6232.png Safe to +9 Armor Certificate
6993.png Safe to +10 Weapon Refine Ticket

6994.png Safe to +10 Armor Refine Ticket

6238.png Safe to +11 Weapon Certificate
6239.png Safe to +11 Armor Certificate
6584.png Safe to +12 Weapon Certificate
6585.png Safe to +12 Armor Certificate

Red Hugo Refine Ticket and Exchange Hammer
Red Hugo.png
(paramk 59, 100)
100381.png +9 Lv3 Weapon Refine Ticket Exchange Hammer

100382.png +10 Lv3 Weapon Refine Ticket Exchange Hammer
100383.png +11 Lv3 Weapon Refine Ticket Exchange Hammer
100384.png +12 Lv3 Weapon Refine Ticket Exchange Hammer
100385.png +9 Lv4 Weapon Refine Ticket Exchange Hammer

100386.png +10 Lv4 Weapon Refine Ticket Exchange Hammer

100387.png +11 Lv4 Weapon Refine Ticket Exchange Hammer
50030.png +12 Lv4 Weapon Refine Ticket Exchange Hammer
50004.png +8 Lv1 Armor Refine Ticket Exchange Hammer
50005.png +9 Lv1 Armor Refine Ticket Exchange Hammer
50006.png +10 Lv1 Armor Refine Ticket Exchange Hammer
50007.png +11 Lv1 Armor Refine Ticket Exchange Hammer
50031.png +12 Lv1 Armor Refine Ticket Exchange Hammer

Only those Armors can be used for Armor Refine Permission Exchange Hammer:
20744.png Felock's Manteau [1] 15117.png Felock's Armor 22047.png Felock's Boots 15051.png Bakonawa Scale Armor
15093.png Heroic Plate [1] 15095.png Heroic Judgement Shawl [1] 15094.png Heroic Magic Coat [1] 15098.png Heroic Target Suit [1]
15096.png Heroic Trade Mail [1] 22035.png Heoric Nepenthes Shoes [1] 22036.png Heroic Silver Fox Leather Boots [1] 22037.png Heroic Ungoliant Upgrade Boots [1]
18849.png Celine's Ribbon [1] 22044.png Upgrade Part - Booster [1] 20733.png Upgrade Part - Engine [1] 15111.png Upgrade Part - Plate
20732.png Supplement Part VIT [1] 22043.png Supplement Part AGI [1] 2185.png Magic Reflector [1] 15073.png Anti-Magic Suit [1]
15090.png Gray Armor [1] 20721.png Gray Manteau [1] 18820.png Gray Helmet [1] 22033.png Gray Boots [1]
2486.png Shadow Walk [1] 19033.png Ancient Decoration of Rift [1] 15141.png Rift Ancient Armor [1] 20779.png Rift Manteau [1]
18997.png Runaway Chip [1] 15121.png Sarah's Battle Robe [1] 2582.png Salvage Cape 18570.png Ancient Gold Ornament [1]
15212.png YSF01 Plate [1] 22141.png YSF01 Greaves [1] 2554.png Nidhoggur's Shadow Garb [1] 2169.png Kalasag
15097.png Heroic Hidden Clothes [1] 18848.png Lush Rose [1] 15110.png Supplement Part STR 15074.png Geffen Magic Robe [1]
2187.png Gray Shield [1] 22075.png Rift Shoes [1] 20856.png YSF01 Manteau [1] 2590.png Buwaya Sack Cloth

Other Stuff like Peridot, Phlogopite....

969.png Gold

7289.png Peridot
7290.png Phlogopite

7291.png Agate

7292.png Muscovite


(paramk 69, 102)

7293.png Rose Quartz

7294.png Turquoise

7295.png Citrin

7296.png Pyroxene
7297.png Biotite

Alchemist Stuff

971.png Detrimindexta

972.png Karvodailnirol
970.png Alcohol
7136.png Acid Bottle
7135.png Bottle Grenade

1061.png Witch Starsand

905.png Stem
1059.png Fabric
7033.png Poison Spore
929.png Immortal Heart
1000.png Star Crumb

Dye the Alchemist
Dye The Alchemist.png

(paramk 75, 102)

921.png Mushroom Spore

507.png Red Herb
508.png Yellow Herb
509.png White Herb
511.png Green Herb
576.png Prickly Fruit

510.png Blue Herb

1033.png Maneater Root
1032.png Maneater Blossom
6244.png Gun Powder
1051.png Detonator
6217.png Mandragora Flowerpot

Abyss Lake Stuff

25759.png Green Dragon Orb

25760.png Blue Dragon Orb

25761.png Red Dragon Orb
Earl the Alchemist trades Dragon Orbs
Earl The Alchemist.png

(paramk 80, 104)

25762.png Gold Dragon Orb
25763.png Purple Dragon Orb

25764.png Silver Dragon Orb

Cooking Stuff

7842.png Torn Piece of Paper

577.png Bag of Grain
580.png Bread
7457.png Cooking Oil
581.png Edible Mushroom
7453.png Sweet Sauce
7455.png Spicy Sauce

7454.png Savory Sauce

7456.png Red Spice
7452.png Yellow Spice
579.png Fresh Fish
6252.png Blood of Wolf
6253.png Cold Ice
6254.png Beef Head


(paramk 87, 101)

6256.png Ice Piece

6257.png Ice Crystal
6259.png Drosera Tentacle
6260.png Petite's Tail
22658.png Steamed Cow Ribs
22569.png New Year Gift
7476.png Level 5 Cookbook

7477.png Level 6 Cookbook

7478.png Level 7 Cookbook
7479.png Level 8 Cookbook
100075.png Level 5 Assorted Cuisine
100076.png Level 6 Assorted Cuisine
100077.png Level 7 Assorted Cuisine
100078.png Level 8 Assorted Cuisine


715.png Yellow Gemstone

716.png Red Gemstone

14512.png Meteor Storm Scroll

14513.png Storm Gust Scroll


(paramk 92, 102)

14514.png Lord of Vermilion Scroll

23194.png Sienna Execrate Scroll

23193.png Crimson Rock Scroll

23191.png Varetyr Spear Scroll
23192.png Diamond Dust Scroll

Elemental Potions/Converter

12118.png Fireproof Potion

12119.png Coldproof Potion

12120.png Earthproof Potion

12121.png Thunderproof Potion


(paramk 100, 102)

12114.png Fire Elemental Converter

12115.png Water Elemental Converter

12116.png Earth Elemental Converter

12117.png Wind Elemental Converter


6304.png Sapha Certification
6080.png Manuk Coin
Barbara Pollenjacket
Barbara Pollenjacket.png

(paramk 108, 101)

6081.png Splendide Coin
6380.png Mora Coin

MVP Loot

6326.png Piece of Queen's Wing

7211.png Rosetta Stone Piece
7566.png Will of Red Darkness
6649.png Broken Horn
968.png Heroic Emblem
25508.png Orc Warlord Token
7510.png Valhala's Flower

7754.png Broken Crown

7020.png Mother's Nightmare
7450.png Skeletal Armor Piece
7109.png Shining Spear Edge
751.png Osiris Doll
7036.png Fang of Hatii
7513.png Pocket Watch


(paramk 116, 100)

750.png Baphomet Doll

7019.png Loki's Whispers
1030.png Tiger's Footskin
25622.png White Snake's Tear
7300.png Gemstone
7018.png Young Twig
7169.png Taeguk Plate

7562.png Ice Scale

6091.png Dark Red Scale Piece
7114.png Mask of Tutankhamen
7113.png Broken Pharaoh Emblem
7451.png Fire Dragon Scale
25629.png Knot Letter
7108.png Broken Shield Piece
23817.png Mysterious Combination Scroll Bundle

Bio, Bioresearch, OGH Stuff

25786.png Somatology Research Document

25787.png Somatology Experimental Fragment

6608.png Coagulated Spell

6607.png Temporal Crystal


(paramk 119, 102)

6755.png Contaminated Magic

7642.png Bloody Coin

22687.png Fragment of Vicious Mind

23016.png Grudge Fragment

Costume Stone Box

14629.png Costume Enchant Stone Box 1

14681.png Costume Enchant Stone Box 2

14695.png Costume Enchant Stone Box 3

22826.png Costume Enchant Stone Box 4
22868.png Costume Enchant Stone Box 5


(paramk 126, 34)

22905.png Costume Enchant Stone Box 6

22953.png Costume Enchant Stone Box 7
23001.png Costume Enchant Stone Box 8

23058.png Costume Enchant Stone Box 9

23086.png Costume Enchant Stone Box 10

Shadow Cubes

22827.png Shadow Cube

22529.png Shadow Thump Box

23150.png Lapine's Thump Box

23151.png Costume Enchant Stone Thump Box
22973.png Shadow Cube (Weapon)


(paramk 129, 33)

22975.png Shadow Cube (Shield)

22976.png Shadow Cube (Shoes)

22977.png Shadow Cube (Pendant)

22978.png Shadow Cube (Earring)


11522.png Red Raffle Sap
11523.png Yellow Raffle Sap

(paramk 94, 32)

11524.png White Raffle Sap
11519.png Bifrost


(paramk 70, 31)
1501.png Club [3]

1504.png Mace [3]
1507.png Smasher [2]
1510.png Flail [2]
1513.png Morning Star [1]
1519.png Chain [2]
1516.png Sword Mace
1522.png Stunner
1601.png Rod [3]
1604.png Wand [2]
1607.png Staff [2]
1610.png Arc Wand [1]
1617.png Staff of Survival
1619.png Staff of Survival
1801.png Waghnak [3]
1803.png Knuckle Dusters [2]
1805.png Studded Knuckles [2]
1807.png Fist
1811.png Finger [1]
1809.png Claw [1]

1101.png Sword [3]

1104.png Falchion [3]
1107.png Blade [3]
1110.png Rapier [2]
1113.png Scimitar [2]
1122.png Ring Pommel Saber [2]
1119.png Tsurugi [1]
1123.png Haedonggum [1]
1129.png Flamberge
1116.png Katana [3]
1151.png Slayer [2]
1154.png Bastard Sword [2]
1157.png Two-Handed Sword [1]
1160.png Broad Sword [1]
1146.png Town Sword [1]

1701.png Bow [3]

1704.png Composite Bow [3]
1707.png Great Bow [2]
1710.png Cross Bow [2]
1713.png Arbalest [1]
1714.png Gakkung [1]
1718.png Hunter Bow
1721.png Repeating Crossbow [1]
1901.png Violin [3]
1903.png Mandolin [2]
1905.png Lute [2]
1950.png Rope [3]
1952.png Whip [2]
1954.png Wire Whip [2]

1201.png Knife [3]

1204.png Cutter [3]
1207.png Main Gauche [3]
1210.png Dirk [2]
1213.png Dagger [2]
1216.png Stiletto [2]
1219.png Gladius [2]
1222.png Damascus [1]
13003.png Cowardice Blade [1]
1245.png Cinquedea [1]
1247.png Kindle Dagger
1248.png Obsidian Dagger
1249.png Fisherman's Dagger
13000.png Jujube Dagger
1250.png Jur [2]
1252.png Katar [1]
1254.png Jamadhar

1301.png Axe [3]

1351.png Battle Axe [3]
1354.png Hammer [2]
1357.png Buster [1]
1360.png Two-Handed Axe [1]
1401.png Javelin [3]
1404.png Spear [3]
1407.png Pike [3]
1451.png Guisarme [2]
1454.png Glaive [2]
1457.png Partizan [1]
1460.png Trident [2]
1463.png Halberd [1]
1410.png Lance

Armors and Shields

2328.png Wooden Mail

2314.png Chain Mail
2312.png Padded Armor
2316.png Full Plate

2341.png Legion Plate Armor

2340.png Novice Breastplate [1]
2411.png Greaves
2228.png Helm
2230.png Gemmed Sallet


(paramk 82, 32)

2101.png Guard

2103.png Buckler

2105.png Shield

2107.png Mirror Shield

Garments and Headgears

2301.png Cotton Shirt

2303.png Jacket
2305.png Adventurer's Suit
2307.png Mantle
2309.png Coat
2335.png Thief Clothes
2323.png Scapulare
2325.png Saint's Robe

2321.png Silk Robe

2332.png Silver Robe
2501.png Hood
2503.png Muffler
2505.png Manteau
2401.png Sandals
2403.png Shoes
2405.png Boots


(paramk 94, 32)

2239.png Monocle

2203.png Glasses
2201.png Sunglasses
2243.png Geek Glasses
2242.png Purple Glasses
2205.png Diver Goggles
2220.png Hat
2226.png Cap

2222.png Turban

5114.png Bucket Hat
2216.png Biretta
5092.png Coif
2218.png Flu Mask
2211.png Bandana
2212.png Eye Patch
2208.png Ribbon
2232.png Circlet