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In our Market Place you can set up your venders and sell your loot. We have provided 2368 vending spots for you.

You can easily reach our Market Place with @go market. You will automatically land in the middle of the map at the fountain.
If you want to set up a store, there are NPCs all over the map (called Market Coordinator) who will assign you a vending spot.
There you can use the skill Vending and offer your items for sale.
With the command @autotrade (or @at) your account will be logged out and your vender will stay there till your next login.
When you log back into the account, your store will be closed and you will have to set it up again.

NPCs which are implemented from us


Sells Enchant-materials for Nyangvine Fruits:

Enchan1.png Enchan2.png Enchan3.png

Nyangvine Fruits can be bought via cash shop or for zeny at our Nyangvine Trader. Here you can find a overview of our enchant-tables.


Here you can obtain following stuff:
19085.png Sigrun's Wings [1] , 19086.png Robo Eyes [1] , 19087.png Angel Spirit [1] , 19088.png Binoculars [1] , 19089.png Blinkers [1] , 19090.png Alarm Mask [1] , 19091.png Opera Phantom Mask [1] , 19094.png Mr. Smile [1] ,
19093.png Geek Glasses [1] , 19092.png Machoman's Glasses [1] , 19128.png Ears of Ifrit [1] , 19129.png Chick Hat [1] , 18724.png Gigantic Majestic Goat [1] , 19136.png Spirit of Chung E [1] , 19132.png Butterfly Mask [1] ,
19126.png Shadow Booster [1] , 19176.png Fallen Angel Blessing [1] , 19178.png Elemental Crown [1] , 19180.png Anubis Helm [1] , 19179.png Rabbit Magic Hat [1] , 19181.png New Wave Sunglasses [1] ,
400002.png Victory Wing Ears [1] , 436003.png Thanatos's Odium Mask [1] , 436004.png Thanatos's Despero Mask [1] , 436005.png Thanatos's Maeror Mask [1] , 410017.png Battle Processor [1]


Here you can obtain following stuff:
18507.png Elven Ears [1] , 18603.png Black Devil's Mask [1] , 2202.png Sunglasses [1] , 2204.png Glasses [1] , 18607.png Blush [1] , 18608.png Small Ribbons [1] , 18609.png Dark Blinkers [1]

Slotty Enchanty

He enchants the slotted items from the NPCs Ophaine and Sharick.
There's a 1% chance your item can break when you try to enchant it.
Possible Enchants: 4700.png STR+1 , 4710.png INT+1 , 4720.png DEX+1 , 4730.png AGI+1 , 4740.png VIT+1 , 4750.png LUK+1 , 4786.png MDEF+2 , 4791.png DEF+3 .

Valkyrie - FAW

She enchants your Fallen Angel Wing.
You can find her on our Market Place.
There is no fee for enchanting, however, resetting enchantments costs 1,000,000z. There is no chance to fail or break the wings.
The number of times a FAW can be enchanted depends on it's refine rate.

2589.png Fallen Angel Wings [1] A large, black wings of a fallen dark angel.
All Basic Stats +1
For each 20 base STR:
ATK +1
For each 20 base INT:
For each 20 base VIT:
Decreases damage taken from Neutral elemental attacks by 1%.
For each 20 base AGI:
Decreases After Attack Delay by 1%.
For each 20 base DEX:
Increases Ranged Physical Damage by 1%.
For each 20 base LUK:
Increases Critical Damage by 1%.
Type: Garment
Defense: 18
Weight: 20
Armor Level: 1
Enchantable: Yes
Requirement: None
Refine Rate Enchants possible
+6 or lower 1
+7 or +8 2
+9 or higher 3

Enchant Options

3rd Slot enchants can also contain the same levels as the first and second slot. It only offers the additional level enchant.

Enchant Type Enchants 3rd Slot (additional possible) enchant
Fighting Fighting Spirit 3~5 Fighting Spirit 6
Spell 4~6 Spell 7
Archer Expert Archer 1~3 Expert Archer 4
Critical Fatal 1~3 Fatal 4
Max HP Max HP +1~3% Max HP +4%
Max SP +25,50 or 75SP +100 SP
Str Str +3~5 Special Str
Agi Agi +2~4 Special Agi
Dex Dex +3~5 Special Dex
Vit Vit +3~5 Special Vit
Int Int +3~5 Special Int
Luk Luk +3~5 Special Luk

Special Stat Enchant

"Special" Stat enchants have the following effect:

  • Stat +1
  • If upgrade level is +8 or higher, additional Stat +3 (for total of +4).
  • If upgrade level is +9 or higher:
Str Agi Dex Int Vit Luk
Atk +1% Atk +1% Matk +1% Matk +1% Max SP +1% Max HP +1%