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Client Issues

Blank Error when starting the client


You tried to start the Muh.exe directly. You have to always start the patcher to log in (Muh_Patcher.exe)

cannot init D3D or GRF file has problem.

d3d Grf Error Fix

Rejected from Server.(3)


This error can occur when your password is longer than 24 characters and / or has some special characters.

Patcher Issues

Patcher doesn't start

If you have your Muh Patcher pinned on the Windows Task Bar it doesn't show the popup when there's a Patcher Update available.
You could simply try to hit enter. If that doesn't work proceed here:
Note: it starts and hangs as a process which has to be killed via Task Manager
After that start it once through a classic link (e.g. on your desktop) or directly from game folder and proceed with the update.

Patcher Update doesn't work, menu repeats itself

Check if you're having a hanging Muh_Patcher process. Kill it via Task Manager.
You can also update the patcher manually by downloading it here: Muh Patcher
Save this file into your game folder.