Player Commands

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Here you can see all commands, which can be used with "@".

Command Alias General Commands
battlestats bs Shows player battlestats.
cooldown cd
go Warps you to a city.
whereis wi Shows maps and amount of monster spawns.
whodrops wd Shows who drops an item (monster with highest drop rates).
navi Navigate to target
navi2 Navigate to target + open Navigation Interface
eventjoin Join an ongoing event
commands Displays a list of commands that you can use.
mobinfo monsterinfo, mi Shows monster info (stats, exp, drops etc).
iteminfo ii Shows item info (type, price etc).
time date,serverdate, servertime Shows the date and time of the server.
load return Warps you to your save point.
changegm Changes the leader of your guild (You must be guild leader)
breakguild Break guild
kill die Kills player.
jailtime Shows time left in jail
refresh Refresh yourself
noks KS Protection

Command Alias Vending Commands
market Creates a clone of yourself with chatbox message.
marketkill Removes your market clone.
shopjump sj Teleports to a Player Shop
whichnpcsell wn Shows NPC shops which sell the items.
whobuy wb Shows player shops which buy the items.
whosell ws Shows player shops which sell the items.
searchstores searchstore, ss Opens search/buy search interface
autotrade at Allows you to vend while you are offline.

Command Alias Common Shortcuts
autoloot al Makes items go straight into your inventory.
ignoredrop nodrop Hides items on floor.
instancesetting Setup @cooldowns command
help h Shows help for specified command.
rates Displays the server's current rates.
uptime Displays how long the server has been online.
showdelay Shows/hides the "There is a delay after this skill" message.
exp Displays current levels and % progress.
showexp Displays/hides experience gained.
showzeny Displays/hides Zeny gained.
autoloottype aloottype
party Create a party.
noask Auto rejects deals/invites.
channel main
showpartybuffs spb Displays in party window if your Members have Blessing, Agi Up, FCP, Aspersio or Soul Link active.
channel main

Command Alias Duel Commands
duel Starts a duel.
invite Invites a player to a duel.
accept Accepts an invitation to a duel.
reject Rejects an invitation to a duel.
leave Leaves a duel.

Command Alias Homunculus Commands
hominfo Show homunculus info
homstats Show homunculus stats