Master Account / Game Account

You are allowed to have only one master account.
This is the account you use to login on our homepage and the patcher.
Create as many Game Accounts as you want.
These accounts are used to login into the game.
For you own safety, do not share / trade accounts.
Breaking these rules will result in at least all excess accounts being banned.

Fair Play / Harassment / Language

We never tolerate harassment in any form. Harassment is making one or more players uncomfortable, contrary to our aim to make players feel safe and peaceful when playing MuhRo.
Players are expected to treat each other fairly and to use nonviolent language (chat(-room), shops).
This refers to any interaction between players on our platform.

  • Listen to the Admins & GMs
  • Do not scam
  • Do not spread rumors
  • Do not hinder other player's gameplay
  • Do not support MVPs (Heal, Pneuma)
  • Do not kill steal (accidents may happen - say sorry), note that MVPs are free for all
  • Do not impersonate others
  • English shall be spoken in public channels (global, support, etc) - for other languages use the appropriate channels
Depending on the severity of the offenses, light penalties, temporary or even permanent exclusion from our server can be expected.

War of Emperium / Battlegrounds

We expect our player to behave no different in PvP modes. Fight respectfully!

  • Guild Icons must be used and they have to be unique, clearly visible and not a duplicate of any other guild.
  • Players are prohibited from deliberately hindering others by sending friend requests, trade requests or similar.
  • No modifications to GRF files are allowed that would alter NPC, character class, monster or headgear sprites in any way (e.g. making them larger or change how they look).
  • Guilds are not permitted to negotiate or engage in any formal alliances with other guilds.
  • Players are expected to actively participate in the events (WoE/BG). Repeatedly attending events without contributing, showing clear signs of being undergeared or unprepared, or deliberately avoiding other participants may result in permanent exclusion from the events.
  • Deliberately causing harm or hindrance to the teams's progress through actions like supporting the enemy or feeding in battles is not tolerated.
Depending on the severity of the offenses, temporary or even permanent exclusion from War of Emperium / Battlegrounds or even our server can be expected.

Real Money Trading (RMT).

We never tolerate real money trading, where in-game items / currency or services are sold by players for real money.
Any form of involvment (buying, selling, supporting) result in a permant suspension of all your accounts.

Selling on NPC

Many players are expected to sell their loot to the tool dealer. However, sometimes a player is in a hurry and accidentally sells a valuable item from their inventory. Players are asked to double check the items before selling them. Or store valuable items in the warehouse before selling your loot. It is the player’s responsibility to carefully inspect the items sold. MuhRO will not reverse such sales or return the items by spawning replacement items.

Bug Exploiting

A bug is exploited when a player finds a loophole and intentionally reproduces it to gain an advantage. A bug is when the game behaves differently than it should. If you receive an unexpected amount of Zeny, items and/or experience, you must report it immediately. If the bug is high risk and requires immediate action, please contact us. If the error is confirmed, we will do our best to fix it and prevent further damage. However, if players have already exploited a bug and profited from it, appropriate measures may be required to protect the server.
In case of urgent bugs, we may suspend all affected accounts temporarily or permanently.


Botting is when a player does not control the character in real time, but the character still actively participates in the game. It is not limited to third-party programs or package editors. It also refers to actions that cannot possibly be performed if the operator does not give signals or pay attention to the game character.
Any form of automated play will result in a permanent suspension of all your accounts.
This includes the use of macros or any other tools that perform more than one action on button press (e.g. executing multiple skills with a single click). One action is seen as at maximum one button/shortcut + mouseclick (e.g. ALT + Rightclick is fine).


Game hacking is equivalent to breaking into our services and performing unauthorized actions with the intention of disrupting the game. We take all hacking activities seriously, and you should not do or even attempt to do such a thing.
Hackers will be permanently banned from the game and will no longer be able to access the game.

Donation Fraud

Donation fraud occurs when a player charges MuhRo points via credit card or PayPal and, once the rewards are credited to the account, immediately makes a chargeback to refund their money while receiving the donation rewards.
Violators will be permanently banned from the game and will no longer be able to access the game. Your IGNs and associated email addresses will be made public for everyone’s safety.


Note: If there's ever something about our rules you don't understand you can always reach out staff to ask about it.

Note2: Permanent suspension is to be understood literally. You will no longer be welcome and any new/future accounts will be permanently suspended on sight.